To attract employers to the area we need accessible broadband in each city and town in Northern Berkshire. The Massachusetts Broadband Institute states that only 4% of the population doesn’t have access to broadband. This statistic is misleading for a few reasons.

First, all of the 4% are in Western Massachusetts which puts us at a competitive disadvantage from other parts of Massachusetts.

Second, just the act of having broadband isn’t the entire point. Broadband service is spotty and slower than needed to attract businesses to the area. Not only does it affect our ability to attract business, it is slow or unavailable for towns who have to get state information off of the web.

Lastly, nowhere in Massachusetts are speeds where they need to be to compete with nations who have made fast internet speeds their priority and are getting their businesses up to speeds that create a competitive disadvantage for us.

Simply, we need to get this done. I am dedicated to following through to get broadband to all cities and towns and advocate for faster speeds.


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