Candidate Stephanie Bosley criticizes the Trump Tax Reform Plan

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September 28, 2017
Contact: Stephanie Bosley

Today, Stephanie Bosley, candidate for State Representative for the First Berkshire District criticized key provisions of the just released Trump Tax Reform Plan and called on Massachusetts federal legislators to weigh in on its provisions. 

Particularly, Bosley criticized the provisions to eliminate state and local taxes. “In order to offset the loss of revenue from reducing corporate taxes from 35% to 20% and from elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax provisions, which are paid almost exclusively by the richer tax filers, the President and the U.S. Senate are proposing to eliminate state and local tax deductions. Part of those are property taxes,” remarked Bosley. “While this is not an issue before the State Legislature, it is one that will have a tremendous impact on state and local finances as well as the State Budget and that means we need to weigh in with our federal counterparts. Moreover, getting rid of the property tax deductions will make it harder to realize the dream of owning a house. It will make it tougher to get a mortgage and that is counter to what we should be doing in government. These are tax provisions that hit middle income filers disproportionately.”

Bosley said that she has issued positions on housing during the campaign that have demonstrated her concern for affordable housing and the need for programs that improve accessibility to housing for the residents of the First Berkshire District. 

“My work in the Town of Adams working in the Housing Rehabilitation Program gave me insight into the problems that people face in being able to afford good local housing and maintain their homes. On a more personal note, as a young resident with college loans from my Master’s program, I understand how difficult it is for people, especially young people with student debt to find and purchase a home. We need to make this simpler and not more difficult by taking away an important deduction on our taxes.”  

Bosley pledged to weigh in with Federal officials on this issue and urged others to do the same.

Bosley Comments on the Local Economy

Stephanie Bosley, candidate for State Representative for the First Berkshire District issued a press release today pointing to the September 15 article in the Boston Globe on the Berkshire County economy. The article, titled In Berkshire County, Locals Struggle as Tourism Booms”, reported on the struggles local county residents face when looking for employment while the tourism economy continues to grow.

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Stephanie Bosley Kickoff Speech

For any of you who were unable to attend, here is the transcript of my speech from the kickoff event. I hope it helps anyone who reads it to understand exactly the type of candidate I am and how I view our area and it's needs. I appreciate you taking the time to read my speech. As you've likely heard me say time and time again already, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to talk to me about, you can always reach out to me at or by sending me a message on my Facebook Page.

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Bosley Kicks Off Campaign With Promise of Fresh Perspective

Thank you to iBerkshires for the wonderful article about my Kickoff Event. A special thanks to all the wonderful people that attended! Over the course of the night, we had around 100 people show up at the event and it was wonderful to have all of your support.

Link: Bosley Kicks Off Campaign With Promise of Fresh Perspective

Stephanie Bosley Interview on BNN

Thank you to Berkshire News Now for interviewing me about my campaign.

Click this post to view the video.

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Stephanie Bosley criticizes Governor Baker vetoes and urges Legislature to override

Candidate for the First Berkshire District seat for State Representative Stephanie Bosley criticized Governor Baker’s vetoes of the FY 2018 budget and urged legislators to override these vetoes.

Specifically, Bosley challenged the Governor’s reasoning on vetoes specifically dealing with programs that impact Western Massachusetts as well as those that increase budget efficiencies or reduce spending.

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