Stephanie Bosley criticizes Governor Baker vetoes and urges Legislature to override

Stephanie Bosley criticizes Governor Baker vetoes and urges Legislature to override

Candidate for the First Berkshire District seat for State Representative Stephanie Bosley criticized Governor Baker’s vetoes of the FY 2018 budget and urged legislators to override these vetoes.

Specifically, Bosley challenged the Governor’s reasoning on vetoes specifically dealing with programs that impact Western Massachusetts as well as those that increase budget efficiencies or reduce spending.

“While I appreciate the need for a balanced budget, there are programs vetoed by the Governor that would increase revenues to the Commonwealth or reduce the budget by regionalizing spending and breaking down government silos to become more efficient. These are far better options than cutting programs that directly impact people.” Bosley said. 

Bosley pointed to programs such as the PACE Initiative that brings community colleges and universities together to find ways to cut costs and utilize their combined resources to run more efficiently with less resources. She also noted that the Governor cut other such programs as the Community College Workforce Grants that brought together different resources to increase workforce training. “This program”, she said,” not only creates efficiencies thereby reducing costs but also creates tax revenues through increased employment. Cutting this program not only cuts a less expensive option but costs tax revenues by hindering the ability to get people the training they need for employment.” Added to these Bosley pointed out cuts to College Readiness, Bridge to College and Adult Basic Education vetoes as short sighted barriers to giving people the tools to prepare for today’s economy and jobs. She pointed out that these programs were about getting people the skills to find jobs in today’s economy. Added to that was a large cut in necessary funding for Career Centers throughout the state. “Anyone who has used a Career Center such as BerkshireWorks understands the importance of having these centers available to assist people when they need employment services and training.”, said the candidate.

Stephanie Bosley also pointed to cuts that impact Western Massachusetts as being disproportionate cuts in the budget.  “At a time when tourism, the visitor industry and the creative economy are the focus of Berkshire County, the Governor has vetoed money in such programs as the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and at Gallery 51 here in the Northern Berkshire Community. The budget completely cuts funding to Gallery 51 at the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center “We are consistently having the conversation in Northern Berkshire about ways to attract young people to the area and how to retain college graduates, we cannot cut funding to services and programs that do just that. Gallery 51 is staffed by MCLA students and gives them hands on experience on daily operations of gallery space” Bosley said.

The State Representative candidate hopes that the House will override vetoes and continue to support these important programs in Northern Berkshire.

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