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    Just made a donation to Stephanie Bosley


    We can't run this campaign without your support!  Thank you for your consideration. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!

    Note: This contribution must be made using your own personal credit or debit card for which you have the legal obligation to pay, and cannot be made using the credit or debit card of a corporation, labor organization, or another person or entity. We can not accept corporate donations of any kind.

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    Stephanie Bosley State Rep Candidate

    Stephanie Bosley State Rep Candidate


    Hi I'm Stephanie Bosley and I'm running for State Representative of the 1st Berkshire District.

    I have always had a passion for public policy that I believe stems from growing up in the State House. It would be an honor to serve in the seat that has been held by so many people that I think so highly of and hold very dear to my heart.

    I'm running because I have a passion for the people of northern Berkshire and believe our community deserves an advocate in Boston who will work hard to find creative solutions and opportunities that benefit our area.

    My education in the North Adams Public Schools, B.S. in Political Science from UMass Amherst and M.S. in Public Affairs from UMass Boston have provided me with a great base for how government operates and I want to put my education to use for the wonderful people that our community is comprised of.

    This area has provided me with incredible experiences and opportunities throughout my career in economic development (1Berkshire), government (Town of Adams), grassroots community development (Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, North Adams SteepleCats), veterans affairs (Soldier On) and even national health issues (American Cancer Society). I understand what you as a community need to be successful and I want to make sure that you have the support necessary to do so.

    I love Berkshire County and that is why I have chosen to make this place my home with my husband, Josh and our dog Striker. This is an amazing and exciting time to be a part of northern Berkshire and I want to ensure that these great things we see happening around us every day continue to happen.